More Legs and Run Variations

3-3-3-3 squat
A good combination exercise. You do three squats, three step lunges, three jump lunges and three vertical jumps. Keep going as long as you can. Jump lunges are simply a step lunge where you reverse your foot order by jumping, then dip.

Leg dip
Find a handy log, balance on one foot and lower your body into a dip. Keep your hands out at shoulder level to provide balance and cut momentum. Hold a count at the bottom, then raise. Do your target number of reps per side and switch.
Incline log jumps

Place your hands on a log close together. Move your feet close together and jump back and forth over the log. Do a full set of reps, reverse your position on the log and repeat.

calf raises (diving board)

Balance on your toes sideways on the log. Lower your heels as deeply as you can and press back upwards.
Hot Sand
This is a jog with knees raised as high as you can. You can increase the intensity by giving a hop as you switch feet.

Simply a run sideways–more a skip than a run. Complete a set then turn around to reverse the leading foot and do another
Backwards running requires the same kind of explosive action that backwards lunges do. Very good for your thighs and quads as well as being a good balance exercise for the small muscles in your legs and ankles.

Bear Run
Fun stuff when you were a kid, a lot of work as an adult. Running on all fours is not only aerobic, but it also exercises your core and increases flexibility.

crab run
Flip the bar over and you have a crab run. This is pretty challenging. I added it to my routine mostly as a break from the jogging sets, but I find it’s a good flexibility tool and it helps coordination. It’s also pretty intense from a cardio standpoint. You probably won’t be going far at first, but as you progress you’ll discover it’s a good shoulder-opening exercise.

Fred Astaire
We’re going to float across the sand like Fred would. Reverse your foot cross with each step, stay light, arms out, shoulders still, going fast and smooth. Great as a coordination and balance exercise and some cardio. It also gets your feet moving in unusual directions which is important for surfing. Think of it as wide cross stepping with a balance challenge added and you’ll understand why I like this move.

clapping superman
Let’s get sandy. Lay on your belly with your arms out in front of you. Arch your back and lift arms and legs, like superman flying. Swing your arms back and clap them behind your back, then swing forward to clap in front. A good counter exercise for all those crunches we’ve been doing, with some flexibility training tossed in.

alternating superman
Start on hands and knees, raise your left hand and right leg so your right leg is straight and your body arches slightly into full extension. I like extension exercises in varied positions because it adds the benefit of muscle extension–good for paddling–to a general muscle exercise with a bit of cardio.

Water Jog
It’s worth doing a little searching to find a long shallow beach where you can jog for a few hundred yards at knee to thigh depth. The resistance element is obvious, what’s not so obvious is the balance aspect. The slower leg swing and the high torque on one side is a balance situation your body doesn’t usually encounter.

backwards hill run

Running in sand is always a challenge, add a hill and the intensity increases dramatically while the goal becomes obvious–get to the top of the hill. I generally end my workout with a variety of hill runs–backward, forward, jog, sprint.

I like to start with the backward run, mostly because it makes the forward run seem easier.
Any excess energy you have that could be expended can be used up right here. Toss in ten pushups at the top each time you get there and you’ve got a really nice ending.

forward hill run
Where I generally do my workout on Maui we have a nice long hill to do these runs on. Alternate the intesity by simply going faster. A full tilt sprint up a good sized sand hill is a real power-builder

pushups on top

Cranking out a quick ten pushups before we start the next lap of the hill run gives your heart a chance to stop pounding and adds a fine shoulder/arm/back exercise to the mix. All the usual pushup rules apply–arms shoulder width apart, legs straight if you can handle that. Pushing up from the knees is fine if your shoulders are compromised or you need to work up to standard pushups.

backside sprint

This is mostly a matter of your local layout, but I like to jog on one side of the hill, sprint hard on the other. We do the sprint on the steeper side.